Pebble Brook Spirits | About
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The Story of Pebble Brook Spirits

At Pebble Brook Spirits, we believe crafting a quality spirit is an art.  Since our founder began the distillery, we have believed in using the highest quality fruits and spices to develop our offerings.  We are excited to be at the forefront of a new American craft distilling industry.

Our Founder


Jeff Duncan

Our founder and Chief Craftsman. After tasting several different apple pie moonshines, he decided to create his own drink for friends and family by adding more high quality ingredients. They urged him to start his own distillery and produce it for sale. It was only later that he learned that he had several ancestors that were old time moonshiners in Yadkin County, North Carolina. He was happy to continue the tradition paying homage to the past while updating his drinks with gourmet ingredients. When not working at the shop, you’ll often find Jeff riding his bicycle around town or hiking the trails in North Carolina and southern Virginia.